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Saturday, June 30, 2012

~♥ Kitchen Corner ♥~

I enjoy spending time in my kitchen.  Whenever I was little I spent a lot of time with my Gram in her kitchen.  I'd watch her make pies, helped her cut squares for her quilts, play cards with her or just spend time talking with her.  I wanted a kitchen that was as welcoming as her kitchen was.

I thought I'd share a little corner of my kitchen with you.
I like to keep things handy for my family to snack on.  There's usually something yummy in the cookie jar or on the cake plate.  I love having my Keurig available for a quick Cup O' Joe.  I keep the K-cups handy in the bottom bowl.  Above it are various breakfast bars for when we're on the run in the morning and we don't have time for a good breakfast.  I have started to collect juicers.  I have two on the table that I bought at thrift stores and the green one on the window sill belonged to my Gram.  The school chalkboard was given to me by a friend.  I like to change the message on it using my Chalk Ink markers.   Click Here to Visit the Chalk Ink Website!

Thank you for stopping by...I always enjoy the company.
♥ Kim

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

~♥ It's A Beautiful Day ♥~

I've been enjoying our lovely weather here in Southwestern PA...in the 70's and no humidity (though I do hear the humidity will be returning this weekend - I'll be hibernating in the air-conditioning).  I'm hoping to get out this week and pick some raspberries (I did enjoy a handful yesterday - so yummy).


 I thought I'd share this picture of our view with you that my Dear Daughter took the other day...the clouds were amazing to say the least (she captured it perfectly).  Wish you could experience this in person...pictures do not do it justice.


A little something from the Brave Girl's Club that spoke to me...I wanted to share it with you.

♥ Kim

Thursday, June 21, 2012

~♥ Laundry Day ♥~

Good morning blogger friends...hope you all are doing well.  Sorry I've been MIA...life happens, as you all well know, and blogging takes a backseat.
I'm enjoying a day off  today and I'm happily catching up on laundry...there's nothing better than freshly laundered bed linens (perhaps freshly baked cookies).  How thankful I am that I can do laundry with an automatic washer and dryer.  If I ever find myself complaining about doing laundry I just have to look at this picture that I have hanging in my laundry room and then it stops...and I am grateful for my faithful washer and dryer that are 22 years old.

That's my great-grandma on the far right...Ophelia was her name.  I think it's a beautiful name.

Here are a few pictures of my laundry room.

Thanks for stopping by...I do appreciate your visits!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012