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Saturday, November 27, 2010

~♥ Christmas Is In The Air ♥~

Here in Southwestern PA I awoke this morning to some snow flurries...it was so delightful being in the nice cozy house and seeing the snow swirling about outside.

Have you all started decorating for Christmas?  While I haven't at my home...I usually don't start until December 1st...I have decided to change the look of my blog...I hope you like it.


I was invited to go to a Gob making party later today...doesn't that sound yummy?  My dear friend, Lisa, is hosting the event.  I wanted to give her a little gift for being so sweet...while I can't show you what I am giving to her (just in case she reads my blog) I can show you a picture of how I wrapped it...I was inspired by
Gooseberry Patch.

And speaking of Gooseberry Patch...I hope you'll watch the video above...it's so inspiring and has gotten me excited about my upcoming Christmas Cookie Exchange that I am hosting at my home on Saturday, December 18th.

These are the cookies I made last year.


Friday, November 5, 2010

~♥ Things That Make Me Smile ♥~

There is no place I'd rather be than at H♥ME...seeing certain things puts a smile on my face...here are a  few of them:

A large fork, knife and spoon...my dear Gram had something similar on her wall when I was growing up.
 A picture of my sweet M♥M when she was a little girl.
 This whimsical vase
 Buttons that belonged to my dear Gram that she collected over the years.
 A picture of the log house my dear Gram grew up in.
 A picture of my dear Hubby when he was a year old (sorry for the glare).
 A picture of my hubby and his older brothers in their cowboy hats and western wear...

And of course, visits from dear blogging friends always puts a smile on my face as well!