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Friday, August 28, 2009

~* I Am Still Here *~

I thought I'd drop in and say "Hello" to let all of you know that I haven't flown the coop! This chick just hasn't had much to post about. I'm hoping that come September, I'll have some fall decorating to share.
During my absence I celebrated my 43rd birthday...wait...I'm not 43....I'm 44...what am I talking about...LOL....also discovered my first gray hair!
Thank you all for the comments you continue to leave on my blog...I really appreciate each and every one of them. On a sad note, Lil Mama, one of our sweet kittens that I wrote about on my previous post has disappeared...I am just heartsick...it's been almost two weeks and we haven't seen her at all. I'm praying that she'll come home safe and sound!
♥ Kim