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Thursday, February 26, 2009

~*A Little Of This And That*~

Hello dear blogging friends...I hope you all are doing well...to tell you the truth, I'm getting spring fever! I'm longing for spring colors in this drabness of winter...where did I find mine? At Wal-mart...
I picked up a bag of these milk chocolate eggs in the loveliest shade of blue...they also had them in yellow and in green! I have found my little bit of spring at last!
Having the blue eggs made me want to add these two pictures to my hutch.

I never thought I'd be using blue in my kitchen...but I must say that I'm liking it a lot!
I added a touch of spring to my powder room with this silk violet.
This cup always makes me smile, so I added it to the powder room as well.
Thank you so much for stopping by! Have you started adding touches of spring to your home as well?
I also want to thank all of you who commented on my post about my milk glass. I'm hoping to find more...watch out thrift stores...here I come!
Love, Kim

Friday, February 20, 2009

~*Hooked On Milk Glass*~

I am hooked on milk glass vases...I just found this one on Wednesday at the thrift store...it was $1.00. I still haven't decided what I'm going to put in it..maybe a lovely little violet...I know it has to be something very springy!

This is a smaller vase...I have been lucky enough to find them in several different sizes.

My regular readers will remember these two from a previous post.Please visit Julia's Blog, Hooked On Houses, for more Hooked On posts. What are you hooked on?
Dear readers, I can't thank you all enough for the kind comments you continue to leave me...honestly, when I started this blog I didn't think anyone would be interested in what was going in my home...it truly is a haven to me and my family.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Love, Kim

Friday, February 13, 2009

~*A Craft & More Red*~

Happy Friday sweet blogging friends...I honestly don't know where the week has gone. I had planned on starting my spring cleaning this week, but that did not happen...too many places to go and appointments to keep! I hope to start next week!!!
My dear daughter wanted to give some Valentine goodies to her close friends. I made these little bags. They're the small paper bags that you can find in the craft section of Wal-mart if you're still lucky to have a craft section. I added foam hearts and wrote on the bag with fabric paints. We added the candy and cut out a hole with a heart shaped cutter and added some ribbon. It was very inexpensive to make. The girls all loved them!

After having this table cloth and placemats on my table for a little while now, I decided I wanted a change...
I found this lace table cloth at Wal-mart on clearance for $7.00.
I've been looking at these placemats for months...finally broke down and got them...aren't they pretty? I just LOVE them!
This was a plain natural colored basket...it needed a little pick me up so I decided to paint it RED...yes, I went from a black obsession to a red obsession...I just can't help myself! My husband had asked me what color was next...lol!
Well, that's all for now...thank you so much for coming to visit me...I appreciate it very, very much! Wishing all of you sweet friends a very
Happy Valentine's Day.
I also want to thank all of you who visited and commented on my last post..."Tweaking my Tweaking." For those of you who have never tried the Wal-mart candles, I would encourage you to try them...they do smell so wonderful!
Love, Kim

Saturday, February 7, 2009

~*Tweaking My Tweaking*~

Yes, blogging friends....I tweaked my tweaking. The first picture shows how it looked the first time. I felt that something was missing in the middle...the salt and pepper shakers looked too small...while I felt it was okay, it just wasn't right.
While browsing a new blogging friend's blog, Lisa from A Cottage To Me had posted about her new candle from Wal-mart. The style is what I was looking for.
So I found this great candle, thanks to Lisa (I got a different scent though). I also got this wooden candle holder that was on clearance and decided to use it, too.
Thanks for stopping by to see my tweaking! I love your visits. Have a wonderful weekend, dear blogging friends and thank you for all of sweet comments on my previous post about my "tweaking".

Love, Kim

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Good morning sweet friends...I hope you all are well. I am doing good, but getting a little cabin fever. I live at a place called Snowball Hill and believe me, it is living up to it's name! We've been getting snow, snow and more snow here in southwestern Pa. I'd be willing to make a deal with any of you dear readers who do not have snow and would like to take some of what we have off of our hands!
Cabin fever leads to a little tweaking...now, I didn't do much, but I needed to see some greenery. While at the grocery store I picked up a few ivy plants.
Below is the before and while I love how it looks, I wanted to look at something green.

Sorry for the pictures not being too clear...not sure what the problem is...maybe it's because I took them at night...I don't know...anyways, I found these milkglass flower pots at the thrift store a good while ago and thought they'd look nice with the ivy.

This is the way it is for now...I'm thinking about adding a nice candle...I'll keep you posted.
Thank you all for stopping by to visit me! I appreciate all of the visits and sweet comments from my last post, "Where I Blog".
Please keep the following dear blogging friends who recently lost loved ones: Adrienne at With A Grateful Heart and Becky at Sweet Cottage Dreams.