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Friday, February 13, 2009

~*A Craft & More Red*~

Happy Friday sweet blogging friends...I honestly don't know where the week has gone. I had planned on starting my spring cleaning this week, but that did not happen...too many places to go and appointments to keep! I hope to start next week!!!
My dear daughter wanted to give some Valentine goodies to her close friends. I made these little bags. They're the small paper bags that you can find in the craft section of Wal-mart if you're still lucky to have a craft section. I added foam hearts and wrote on the bag with fabric paints. We added the candy and cut out a hole with a heart shaped cutter and added some ribbon. It was very inexpensive to make. The girls all loved them!

After having this table cloth and placemats on my table for a little while now, I decided I wanted a change...
I found this lace table cloth at Wal-mart on clearance for $7.00.
I've been looking at these placemats for months...finally broke down and got them...aren't they pretty? I just LOVE them!
This was a plain natural colored basket...it needed a little pick me up so I decided to paint it RED...yes, I went from a black obsession to a red obsession...I just can't help myself! My husband had asked me what color was next...lol!
Well, that's all for now...thank you so much for coming to visit me...I appreciate it very, very much! Wishing all of you sweet friends a very
Happy Valentine's Day.
I also want to thank all of you who visited and commented on my last post..."Tweaking my Tweaking." For those of you who have never tried the Wal-mart candles, I would encourage you to try them...they do smell so wonderful!
Love, Kim


  1. Kim~Those goody bags are absolutely adorable. Kids always like to give and receive something extra special like that...You sure didn't disappoint!
    I like your new table arrangement! Black....Red...it's all good!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Kim~
    Those bags you made are so cute! I really think I might be able to pull those off! I am so not the crafty kind! Everything you've done looks great!

    Have a Happy Valentine's Day!♥

  3. Happy Valentines Day! Love your little gifties... and your table looks wonderful. I agree with you -the placemats are awesome!
    Blessings, Kimberly

  4. Your bags are so cute! I bet those girls loved them. I love what you did with your table too!

  5. Your goody bags are so cute - and the red placemats so cheery. Hope you have a great valentine's day. :)

  6. Hi Kim,
    Thanks for stopping by today! I love your dining chairs ~wink, wink~. I think they are the same as mine. I really like your red placemats and your new tablecloth. Isn't it funny how we look at things for so long, knowing we want them badly, then we finally break down and buy them. It's a girl thing for sure! Have a Great Weekend!

  7. You know I LOVE the red!!! Happy Valentine's Day to you & yours :-)

  8. Happy Valentine's Day, Kim. Your table and basket are wonderful. And I love what you did with those little bags - so cute! ~Adrienne~

  9. Kim, I have those exact placemats. I love how they wash up and how pretty they are on my table!

  10. You are very creative Kim!!! And I love the red and white on your table it looks so pretty!!! Have a wonderful Valetines weekend!!~Wendy

  11. Hi Kim,
    Happy Valentines Day! :)
    Those little bags are so cute!
    Love Love your table...you always make everything look soooo nice!

    Enjoy your day!

  12. Hi Kim,
    Your gift bags are darling! Your table is beautiful! :o) I too have been looking at those placemats. Maybe I just need to buy them too! :o) I think there is a table runner as well. :o)
    Next week I am planning a give away, please drop by to enter. :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  13. Happy Valentine's Day!! it looks like you are ready for day full of love. Clarice

  14. Happy Valentine's Day dear Kim! I hope you see lots of red on this special day...lol! What a creative person you are. Those bags are adorable.

    Hugs ~

  15. Kim they are so cute! What a clever idea. You are so creative!

  16. The treat bags are very cute.reat idea. I alsolove your table arrangement and basket. I was at our Walmart last week and almost bought those placemats myself. love them.
    I love your blog

  17. Very cute goody bags! You are so creative and your handwriting is so neat!
    Love your place mats & table cloth! I love red & black too and brown and yellow........LOL!
    Have a great week!

  18. Black and red are my favorite colors to decorate with!

    I totally agree with you on how great the Wal-Mart candles smell. I have always been a huge Yankee candle fan but boy are they expensive! I think the Wal-Mart candles smell just as good.


  19. Those turned out so cute! I bet the girls loved them.

    I love your new red obsession too! Very pretty!

  20. Kim, I am a little late, but your goodies bags or darling and your basket turned out great. Hope it was a great weekend for you and your family.

  21. That is quite a view from your kitchen window. Beautiful! I love the white vases/pots. I find that when I take a picture it gives you a better idea of how things look. The I go back and do a little tweaking myself.

  22. Kim:

    Such a cute idea with the bags! I also love the decorations:)

    I looove your hair shorter. Just goes to show how long I have been away from blogging. I have had a medical problem that really has made me slow down.

    Hoping to stop by again. I will have to add you to bloglines to get a daily dose of your wonderful posts. Ooooh that rhymes.

    Hugs~ Renee

  23. Hey Kim! I LOVE Valentine's Day. The bags are just the cutest and the red basket is darling!

  24. Cute bags Kim! Thanks for the visit today!

  25. Those goody bags are so adorable! I wouldn't mine one myself!! Love your table setting too!!

  26. The bags are so pretty and I LOVE your new table arrangement!

    Hey! We women just have it in us to change things around. ;-)

  27. I love all your sweet valentine's day things :) The bags you made are so cute! Just goes to show how you don't always have to spend much $$ to make something special. A little imagination and creativity can go a long way. Thanks for sharing all your neat holiday stuff!

  28. Hi Kim,
    Yes, when the weather is warmer it will be great to meet up and I do think the town is soooo charming. Is that little cross stitch shop still there plus the antique shops? With today's economy you never know:)

    I know Rhonda would love to visit too:)


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