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Saturday, September 27, 2008

~* Black Paint, Dishes, & A Pumpkin *~

Good Saturday morning to all of you! I wanted to show you something else I've painted black. I found candle holders at a yard sale and never did anything with them until last week. They were originally taupe colored and just didn't do anything for me. Once they were painted black I knew I had made the right decision. I've seen many of you display things on top of the candle holders instead of candles so I decided to put my little Amish girl and boy from Home Interiors that I got when my dh and I were first married on them.

I have them on my windowsill above my kitchen sink.

Another thing I wanted to show you is the dishes I picked up at Walmart. I found them in the clearance section. I got two boxes of them (4 place settings each). The name of them is Amber Field. I found them online, too, but the funny thing is it says they are only available online and not in the stores. They were cheaper in the store though...go figure...I guess it was my lucky day...well, I really shouldn't say luck...I don't believe in luck...things happen the way they are to happen...not by chance.

Hmmm...now I think I need new placemats!
I found this resin pumpkin at Walmart, too. It was only $9.99.
Thanks for stopping by for a visit...as always, I enjoy your company...have a blessed weekend!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

~*I've Been Bitten By The Black Bug*~

...the black painting bug that is...I bought these letters last year at Target. They were white. They didn't look bad, but they blended in with the wall too much. I love how they now "pop" on the wall.

Same thing with these pictures...I picked them up at a thrift store a good while ago. The frames were gold and I quickly got rid of that and painted them taupe. They were ok, but definitely needed something better...black paint was the answer. Now I need to decide where I'm going to hang them in the bathroom. There are a few other things around my home that I'm itching to paint black...stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

~* Fall Goodies *~

I'm happy that I am finally able to post something to show you all! My camera battery wasn't holding a charge so I had to replace it, plus I've been SUPER busy. Also, we finally had fiber optic cable installed so now I am able to upload pictures really fast...I honestly don't know how I survived with dial-up. I'm enjoying the fact that I can visit your blogs and have everything load so much faster!
This is how I decorated the top of my computer hutch.

The top of my dining room table. The candles are Apple Cider scented and they are yummy! I purchased them from Wal-mart...I just have to pick up more!!!
The top of a dresser in my living room...the pumpkin decoration I found at Salvation Army...it was really cheap and is from Home and Garden Party.
This fall decoration I picked up at a yard sale for $1.00. It is hanging on my front door.
A wreath on my back door.

I hope you enjoyed this little taste of fall in my home!
Please come back again soon.