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Saturday, August 30, 2008

~* Some New Goodies *~

Over Labor day weekend I went to the 15th Annual Pennsylvania Arts and Crafts Colonial Festival at Westmoreland Fairgrounds. There was one booth in particular that was my favorite called Vickis Country Creations. Here is what I bought that day: Stacking Boxes with the words Love, Faith and Hope.

I only paid $4.99 for all three!

Potpourri to fill my yard sale find canning jars that I made into candle holders.

And, this adorable pillow! I hope you enjoyed looking at my craft show finds...thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

~* My New Candle Holders *~

I found these great little canning jars for .25 cents each several weeks ago at a yard sale. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them, then it hit me...make them into candle holders!
I found primitive looking candles and pip berry candle rings with rusty stars and ta da...just what I've always wanted!
As always, thanks for stopping by and for all of your sweet comments on my last post!

Monday, August 25, 2008

~* The Spice Cupboard *~

I was finally able to post some pictures today. As you can see, I'm getting my spice cupboard filled up, but I still do have room for 3 more spices (one on each shelf). I just love how colorful the tins are.
These are the items I added to the top of the cupboard. I bought them at Collections By Marty which is one of my favorite stores.
As always, thanks for taking the time to stop by and visit me!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

~* Darn It To Heck *~

I had planned on posting some pictures today, but for some reason my internet is not cooperating with blogger. I wanted to show you the spice tins I added to my spice cupboard. I also added a few little things on the top of the cupboard from one of my favorite local stores Collections By Marty. I went to several yard sales a couple of Saturdays ago and found some great things all for under $10.00 and I can't even show those to you.


Thank you Leslie, Adrienne, Cherry, Valerie, Anne F., Alice Grace, Kelli, Rondell, Carolyn, Heidi, Kim, Dawn, Shayne, Robin, Mary, Sharon, BackInTheDay, Penny, Jen, Colleen, PrimLover/FarmGirlDreamer, and Michelle for leaving me such nice comments about my freebie! I went to a yard sale at the home where I picked up the freebie and found more great items really cheap.


I started a new blog. If you want to take a look then click on the link that says "Home Is Where The Heart Is...2" above.

Debi from What's Cook'n In Junk gave me an award and I wanted to thank her from the bottom of my heart...that was so sweet of you. She gave it to me back in July, but my absentmindedness (or old age...lol) got in the way of me thanking her.

It's so hard to choose who to pass this on to, so if you have not been awarded this yet, please add this award to your blog!


Graphic by http://www.gonecountrygraphics.com/

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

~* Look What I Found *~

While driving my dd to her friend's house today I spotted one of those step stool/chair/ironing boards sitting by the side of the road. It was perched beside a garbage can...of course as soon as I saw it a little light bulb went off in my head...they must be getting rid of it. Then I think to myself why would anyone put something like that out for the garbage man to collect? So I drive by it again and think, no, they must have made a mistake and didn't mean to set it out by the road. Then I think what if they really did put it out to be picked up...I cannot take the chance of letting it slip through my fingers...I decide to go by the house again and stop...by now my heart is pounding...I'm going to stop and politely ask if they meant to put it out for the trash. I knock and no one comes to the door. I know they're home because I can see lights and there are two cars in the driveway. I start to knock again and the door finally opens...I ask them about it and they tell me I can have it! They're moving and didn't have any use for it. I cannot tell you how happy I am...I've wanted one of these for so long, but didn't want to spend alot of money on one. The kind lady told me that the hinge on it needs some work, but I tell her that my husband is very handy and won't have a problem repairing it. It looks like it is solid oak (feels like it, too). It is now in my husband's workshop...I wonder what he'll say????


Thank you for all of your kind comments about my new little spice cupboard. I still need to buy more spices to fill it up!