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Thursday, May 8, 2008

~*Some New Goodies*~

So sorry for the lack of posts...I haven't been doing any thrifting lately so I don't have any wonderful treasures to show all of you. I did, however, find this great terrarium looking cage at Target...it was originally $30 some dollars but I got it for around $8 (see I should have posted about this a LONG time ago...like when it was fresh on my mind).
I found this star candleholder at one of my favorite stores, WOW Outlet, for $2.00. I bought two of them and placed them on either side of the hutch in my dining room. (I added the candle and the candle ring.)

As always I appreciate your visits and comments!

p.s. Thank you, Anne, for your kind e-mail...you motivated me to get this post done {{{Hugs}}}!